Have you experienced the painful feeling of bag handles cutting in to your hands?

EasyGrip is a unique product that will transform and ease the shopping process for everyone.

It is ergonomically created and is comfortable in your hand to help carrying heavy bags but has many other uses as well.

EasyGrip is ergonomically ajusted to the shape of the hand which gives a better weight distribution and a smoother surface. Easy-Grip can be fastened to the bag by putting the handle between to grips.

We specialize in innovative products which seek to make the every day life easier for everyone.

Our new product EasyGrip is an ergonomic handle to help carrying heavy bags but has many other uses as well.

Multi-functional product to a low Price.

Useful for buckets, bags, clothes, tablecloths, strings, or you name it.

EasyGrip can be delivered as you wish.

If you want to sell the Easy-grip in packages of more or indidually is up to you. Put your logo on the EasyGrip and your design on the package.



Johnny Syhler is an innovator. Originally he worked as a butcher, but a few years ago he quit his job and decided to turn his ideas into reality. The first product is EasyGrip.

Anny Holmgaard is a spanishteacher and writer.

She has written and published several book in her editorial Forlaget EA.



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to achieve Superior customer service.

We will innovate by

imagining, creating and

delivering to your growing needs.

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Anny Holmgaard

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